Pachamia | Profile
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About me:

I was born in 1969. I have spent my whole live dreaming and creating – making my dreams real. I try to be consistent with my ethics, therefore I am environmentally friendly and strive to build the change that I want to see in society, starting at my own door. I am committed to ecology and to education as a means of positive social change, a change of consciousness in relation to sustainability, with an objective of recreating a more beautiful, just and sustainable society.

I´m doing what I love and therefore my days are filled with passion, laughter, strength and development.

What I think and do:

With a wealth of experience in permaculture design projects, I am a trainer, facilitator and activist. I live this, I am absolutely committed to and passionate about what I do. Constantly learning and developing, my life and activities are directed to disseminating and promoting the “ecological evolution”, using the systemic and complex world in which we live as a framework. Working for life and the protection of it. Currently, in addition to my permaculture training, design and management projects, I am also the founder and president of the foundation Arboretum Marbella. Arboretum Marbella´s aim is to promote environmental awareness within the wider population through a public park that conserves native species and develops sustainability.

Those that trained me…

Julio Cantos Gazquéz
Darren Doherty
Richard Wade
François-Luc Gauthier Villeneau
Fritjof Capra
Dave Jack
Eugenio Gras
Jonathan Dawson
Benito Sanchez Montañes
Rob Hopkins
Joel Salatin
Kirk Gadzia
and more…

Those that inspire me… (Thank you)
Satish Kumar
Vandana Shiva
Deepak Chopra
Winona Laduke
Stephan Harding
Elisabet Sahtouris
and Nature…

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