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Casanis is one of the best restaurants in Marbella. It has gone beyond providing an excellent kitchen service and taken a step forward by offering the highest quality dishes while caring for the environment, a practice that is called locavorism or local food.

How do they achieve this? By having their own organic garden. The Casanis garden, designed and managed by Pachamia, is a green space that respects the earth, nature´s cycles and the process of growing vegetables. It is completely natural, not using any harmful chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides, nor does it use any genetically modified plants or seeds. All of this indisputably results in food of the highest quality and goodness, which later produces a unique dish at the hands of their chef.

Casanis has grown a kitchen garden in the very centre of Marbella, making it the first private urban kitchen garden in the city. In addition to supplying fresh vegetables less than 10 minutes from its kitchens, it is a beautiful space that invites neighbours and passers-by to enjoy and indulge a symphony for the senses; the aromatic smells, the beds of onions and basil, the red chillies or aubergines that give it shape and colour, the sunflowers in summer, the delicate garlic flower that later adorns dishes, the deep perfume of rocket, the character of rosemary…, the beauty of nature is unmistakable in this productive space.

Using the techniques of permaculture Pachamia designed and built the Casanis kitchen garden. In this we are promoting a holistic and sustainable vision. All of the materials used are sourced locally, therefore minimising its carbon footprint. No typical construction materials such as cement or bricks were used. On the contrary, only earth and straw were used which has decreased its environmental impact.