Pachamia | health garden / BUCHINGER WILHELMI clinic
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health garden / BUCHINGER WILHELMI clinic

Buchinger Wilhelmi, the clinic for therapeutic fasting and integrative medicine, is committed to health and wellbeing. Its holistic health treatments and services have many facets and bring together such diverse practices as modern Western medicine and ancient Far Eastern naturopathy, contemplation and circulation training, philosophy and Pilates. What they all have in common is the conviction that each and every person is generally capable of and aspires to growing healthily.

In this framework and with more than 40 years’ experience, Buchinger Wilhelmi has set up 3 organic gardens called “the Health Gardens”, designed and managed by Pachamia, to provide healthy, organic and seasonal vegetables for the clinic´s kitchen. It also has a greenhouse for the production of aromatic and medicinal plants.

In addition to the benefits of being self-sufficient and the high quality of its vegetables, the clinic aims to reduce the “carbon footprint” of what it consumes by reducing the energy used and the subsequent CO2 emissions that result from long distant transportation by boat, plane or road. There are many movements of this kind in Europe such as “Local Foods” in England or “Slow Food” that originated in Italy but is now worldwide.

Some of the advantages of this practice are:

  • Produce is fresher, healthier and tastier.
  • It is healthier as there is less time from when the food is harvested to when it reaches the kitchen/table.
  • It respects crop seasonality and nature´s growth cycles.
  • It generates local employment.
  • It avoids problems associated with transport, as much the CO2 emissions as the illnesses that are emerging as a side effect of international traffic.

Without machinery, using only the hands and the care of Horticultural experts, everyday 2 people take care of and cultivate the vegetables. After this natural process the are consumed in the clinic where they relish the more intense flavour of the food and the benefits of having seasonal produce at their fingertips.