Pachamia | Organic gardens
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Organic gardens

Organic gardens can be developed on many scales, as much for a family, as for a hotel or restaurant or even on a more commercial level. The most interesting element is that, not only can you use them to have fresh and healthy food that you pick every day, but it is also an area that becomes a place to enjoy and connect with nature.
Man has been eating plants and working the land to grow food for more than 9000.

An organic garden is a system of agricultural production that is based on the optimum use of natural resources. It does not use synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to enhance production or to fight crop disease. In this way, organic food is produced while simultaneously preserving the soil fertility and respecting the environment. This allows crops to be grown in a sustainable and balanced way.

The main objective is to get healthy food that is more nutritious, chemical free and obtained through a sustainable process. This type of agriculture is a production management method that improves and enhances agricultural systems including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity.